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The delivery time is approximately 4 weeks, this varies depending on the city or country of destination.

This is because each garment is made to order once the order is placed, all products are almost customized for each customer and that makes the management of your order take more or less time ...


As explained in the previous point, each garment is made especially for each customer once the order is placed, so currently it is not possible to make returns.


As you will see our size goes from XS to XL, later a table of measurements of each model will be added that will serve as a guide when selecting your size.

Until then there is an option to write a note in the order where you can indicate your measurements and thus be able to know which size fits your garment more!

This option to add a note will appear in the first purchase step below.

As for the sizes that do not appear on the web, there will soon be a section for custom orders!

Until then you can write an email in the contact section, to the email or directly via Instagram to the @clowedesigns account for any questions about it!